What is Mild Cognitive Impairment?

MCI is characterized as the deterioration of memory, cognitive ability, and attention that is beyond what’s considered normal base do to age and overall health. While it doesn’t significantly interfere with the normal activities of the elderly, it may increase the risk of dementia caused by Alzheimer’s or other neurological conditions. But in most cases, […]

Things to do to Effectively Deal with Mild Cognitive Impairment

If your aging parent is forgetting booked appointments, talks with you for minutes then forget about the topic of discussion, can’t recall what he/she had in breakfast, or forgets your decades-old best friend’s name, do not freak out assuming that your parent has dementia or Alzheimer’s. It’s very much likely that your parent has mild […]

How to Convince Your Parents to Get In-Home Care

Many adults are met with resistance when they initiate a conversation around availing in-home care services for their elderly parents. In fact, you might have heard these statements and concerns pretty often if your aging or sick parent feels that he or she does not require personal care assistance services: 1. I am completely fine. […]

Home Care for the Disabled: They Deserve That Extra Care

A popular saying is – “family is your best friend”, and we stand by it. The love, care, and support you receive from your family are unprecedented. When a family member suffers from a disability, often the family goes that extra mile to make sure he/she is taken proper care of! Many even hire a […]

Why Companionship Is Critical For Your Aging Parent

Senior citizens are not different from us. Often, the younger generation tends to forget that their aging parents were once young, productive individuals who worked, socialized and performed their parental duties. We as adults know how important a role our friends, colleagues, and a partner play in our lives. We talk with them, go out […]

Understanding Nutrition in Seniors Aging in Place

Many older adults struggle to get proper nutrition because of changes that happen as they age, medical conditions that restrict their eating habits, and factors such as degrading health, isolated home life, income, and many others. However, proper nutrition is crucial to maintain optimal health and live a quality life, no matter what your age. […]

3 Ways to Assist an Elderly In Need of Special Care and Attendance

Seniors in need of care are generally faced with a number of challenges. But with right knowledge and patience, dealing with issues as they arise becomes easier. Once you identify the problem (both psychological and behavioral), it becomes easy to tackle the situation in the correct manner. Some telltale signs that you should be on […]