Dizziness – it happens more often than you think

Warmer temperatures are coming! Finally! I am so happy! I want to leap up from my chair and do a little dance! Sometimes it is hard to move that fast and sometimes sudden changes in position cause a dizzy spell. What is that and why does it happen?

The medical term for a dizzy spell is vertigo. It happens to a lot of people for a lot of reasons. Getting up to fast can cause a short-term lack of blood to the brain that may manifest as vertigo. Others have a condition known as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. As the name implies, it is not harmful, comes on suddenly and is due to changes in position. Sometimes a direct cause – usually in the form of a bump on the head- can be found. Sometimes there is no apparent cause. There are crystals in the inner ear that are sensitive to gravity and help tell us where we are; standing, lying sitting, moving, etc. Sometimes they get dislodged and we experience vertigo.

This type of vertigo often goes away on its own. But for some, simple exercises help. They basically consist of moving your head from side to center and back to the other side. Or sitting on the bed, lying to one side, slowly, returning to center and then to the other side for a few sets. Of course, see your doctor to ensure she approves of this maneuver and because vertigo may be a sign of an underlying, more serious illness. So get a check up.

But, also get ready to enjoy some warmer weather! I know I am!