How to Convince Your Parents to Get In-Home Care

Many adults are met with resistance when they initiate a conversation around availing in-home care services for their elderly parents. In fact, you might have heard these statements and concerns pretty often if your aging or sick parent feels that he or she does not require personal care assistance services:
1. I am completely fine.
2. I don’t want a stranger at home.
3. It will cost us a lot.
4. I don’t want hands-on care.
Seeing your aging parent struggle with daily chores and not accepting expert care is depressing and frustrating at the same time. But with some patience and love, you will be able to solve all the concerns they have and convince them to get the help that they need. Here are a few approaches that can be extremely effective in persuading your parents:

Get the support of the healthier parent
If both of your parents need senior home health care services, then ensure that you take the help of the parent who is in less need of intervention. Ally with him or her while having a conversation and list the benefits that the more independent partner will require and get the most out of in-care services.

Do it in small increments
Parents often get overwhelmed when a stranger is roped in to take care of most of their home and personal needs. They might perceive it as an intrusion and invasion of privacy. Moreover, parents feel threatened and read this intervention as a loss of control and independence.
To avoid this, start small. The caregiver can take care of some daily household chores initially, such as getting the groceries or the mail. Leave your parents with the option to ask for help if they want to be driven somewhere or are unable to do vacuuming by them.
This approach will help to build a relationship that is based on trust between the caregiver and your parent. Giving them a choice will ensure that they don’t feel that their independence is being taken away from them.

Talk about yourself
Talk about how hiring a professional will give you peace of mind that your parent is safe and has an aide to help him/her with all the daily chores. Whether you are the primary caregiver or you live away from home, using this approach might make your aging parent accept personal care assistance services.

Parents love their children and they wouldn’t want them to worry under any cost. So, by placing yourself at the center and talking about the benefits that you stand to gain, you might be able to convince them to hire an in-home care provider.

Your attempts to convince your parents might be met with anger and silence. Here, it’s important to not let their remarks or behavior derail your efforts. With some patience, you will be able to help your parents to lead the sunset years of their lives comfortably.

If you feel that your parent or guardian needs senior home health care services, then get in touch with us today.