Some Storm Safety

Where I live, we had some intense storms the last couple of days. Tornado sirens, hail, thunder and lots of lightning have been the order of the day. I have candles, an emergency radio, and three days worth of bottled water and medicines. Do you?

Those are some of the basics that everyone should have in the event of a severe storm that brings power outages with it. There is more information on the website as well.

But that really is preparedness information and I wanted to talk about safety today. Did you know that if you hear thunder you are close enough to be struck by lightning AND the NOAA site says that lightening can strike even on a clear day, so beware. Lightning and flooding cause the most deaths every year even though most people focus on tornados.

We also tend to have more thunderstorms with lightening than tornados in this area as well. So, if a thunderstorm is approaching, go inside and stay away from your windows. You can use cordless and cell phones but avoid using corded lines – if you still have one! Actually avoid all electrical appliances during the storm. While you wait, listen to the news for updates on severe weather and just stay inside for safety!

The NOAA website has more information

But these are some of the basics that everyone should know!