Spring washing…

I thought I would do a “this day in history” post and found out that on this day in 1797, Nathaniel Briggs patented a washing machine. I thought that fit well with the fact that spring is finally here and with it spring-cleaning. I decided to look into to the first washing machine a bit further; I found that it really wasn’t a machine at all… but rather a scrub board to rub clothes and other fabrics on to clean out the dirt. This intrigued me, so I then looked up more history of the washing machine. In 1851, a drum style washing machine was invented. It was an improvement over the scrub board but still powered by hand. In 1874, an Indiana inventor created a similar machine to remove dirt from clothes for his wife’s birthday. (She was probably ecstatic but I do not want household appliances for my birthday – jewelry is much better.) The first electrical washing machine was developed in 1908.

There have been many improvements and changes to washing machines over time. However, the theory of washing clothing has not changed at all…soap, water and some kind of agitation to remove dirt from the clothing and other textiles.

Now that it is spring, some of us can dry our clothes outside, air out the house and enjoy the warmer (slightly) weather. And we have warmer weather in the forecast even if this weekend is still slightly cool. Until next week – stay safe!