The mind-body music connection

It has been said that music soothes the savage beast. When I come home, one of the first things I do, after a long day is put on some jazz. That got me to thinking, are there any definitive studies about music and mood? So I looked…of course in my favorite place…the internet. This is what I found: published the results of several studies involving music and mood here and I will recap for you. Overall music is good for mood, health and even quality of life. How easy is that?

Fun, upbeat music combined with positive thoughts improved overall happiness in as little as two weeks. People who are happy have better relationships and better physical health!

Music can be used to relax as well but this calls for soothing sounds. When listening to soothing music, heart rates lowered and people were calmed. This led to easier breathing too.

If you have a decent singing voice, consider adding some vocals to your music therapy as well. (I say even if you don’t – belt out a few tunes in the shower – it can’t hurt.) One study found that singing both relaxed and energized the participants. It also showed changes in DNA that indicate health and longevity – how cool is that?

So, even if you cannot carry a tune in a bucket, sing along and also just listen to the music!